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What is your favorite brand of protein?

Post Workout Nutrition

NOTE: This is not completed yet

Many people do not understand the importance of your post workout meal. Sure you can buy a post workout carbohydrate/protein 2:1 complex you can also obtain the same results other ways. When I’m speaking 2:1 I mean after your workout you need 2x the amount of carbohydrates to the amount of protein your ingesting. To gain any benefits these need to be fast, simple carbs and fast digesting protein preferably whey isolate. Simple carbs you’d like to use would be Watermelon, Pineapple, white bread , white rice, gummy bears, pixie sticks , baked potato. You can also just simply buy ” dextrose ” as that it what you are mainly looking for with sugars and quick carbs . Think of it as if youre muscles are sponges that are dried out and protein,carbs,nutrients,creatine ect are like water, the sponge is going to soak up all the water cause it’s been depleted of water. You’re muscles are the same way, when the muscles are depleted of nutrients and need to refill glycogen levels with fast digesting carbs and start the rebuilding process with protein it’s asorbs quicker and can usually asorb more of certain nutrients at one time then any other time of the day.

If your looking for an awesome post workout recovery supplement check out Optimum Nutrition 2:1:1Recovery !

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As the Olympia is only 10 days away who do you think well be crowned Mr. Olympia 2013?


Supplement of the Day

Supplement of the Day :


– Whey protein has so many benefits. It is the most important building block in gaining lean muscle. It also helps burn fat, boost metabolism, increase strength, and boost energy. Most whey proteins also contain BCAAS which help with energy, muscle endurance, and recovery . Each whey protein is different and you MUST check the nutrition label. Depending on your goals keep an eye out for Fats,Carbohydrates,Sugar,and Protein per serving. My personal GOTO protein is Dymatize Elite Whey. It is very effective, high grade, and very cheap. At Top Shelf Supps 2lbs is only 20$, 5lbs only 41$, and 10lbs only 76$ with my discount ! Other proteins I’d recommend are Optimum Nutrition 100% gold standard whey – any flavor is delicious , or Dymatize ISO-100 an extremely lean protein zero grams of fat and only 1 carb in each serving! Wanna save money on your Supplements? Check out Top Shelf Supps and use the discount code “fitluc” at checkout !


Quote That Resembles My Life

“Sacrifice without Regret”

– The most meaningful words spoken to me about bodybuilding. It takes all you’ve got , so many hours prepping food , busting your ass in the gym, spending money on food and supplements , researching constantly, eating a diet that mostly every person close to you just doesn’t understand , and drinking and going out is minimum to none. And this is all done for ONE day , ONE show , ONE trophy . I will sacrifice everything to step on stage a champion.